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The supplementary instruction of the on-line monitoring system for the transformer fault spectrum

1. About the insulation

Since all the detection components are outside the transformer oil tank, the end face of the collector should not exceed the inner wall of the transformer tank, so the monitoring system will not affect the insulation design of the transformer.

2. About relay protection

This monitoring system at the scene of the transformer fault is detected when the opportunity arises according to the red light alarm buzzer alarm control host is produced at the same time, as the auxiliary system is currently not connected to the relay protection system, so any operation for monitoring system will not impact on relay protection system.

3. About the oil seal of the detection unit

Sensor base connected to the transformer by means of welding, collector and base using high-performance gasket to seal, oil resistance, temperature resistance and pressure resistance can satisfy the requirements of transformer operation, and high pressure tests in the factory, so to ensure no leakage.

4. About waterproof, dustproof, rust and temperature resistance

The sensor base is equipped with stainless steel protective cover, which can effectively prevent rainwater and dust from entering. The external host according to the three standard design, have a reliable sealing and heat preservation and heat insulation design of water-proof and dust-proof, meet - 40-60 ℃ temperature and reliable running, enclosure is made of stainless steel material, can work for a long time without maintenance.