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Position:Regional Sales Manager   Recruitment:3   Salary::10-50 million yuan
Job description

1.Responsible for customer visits and PR in the regional market, developing and consolidating the product market and achieving the sales target.
2.Understand customer needs dynamics and timely feedback on market and project progress;
3.Grasp the important nodes in all stages of the sales process, and carry out public relations work in a timely and effective manner to ensure the smooth signing of the project. Efficient and reasonable use of sales costs, improve the effectiveness of resource use.

Tenure requirements

1.Age 25-35 years old, junior college or above, more than 3 years experience in sales of industrial products, healthy and willing to work in sales;
2.Be good at communication, have strong expression and coordination ability, be conscientious and responsible in work, and have the ability to analyze and solve problems independently.
3.Adapt to business trip, be able to work under pressure, and be able to use Excel, Word and other software.
4.Welcome to have sales experience of electrical equipment, accessories or transformer products, and those with regional advantages will be joined.

Position:Assistant Sales Manager   Recruitment:2   Salary::8-30 million yuan
Job description

1. develop the company's power equipment market according to its business objectives, market development plans and specific implementation plans.
2. guide and help sales regional managers to develop and publice their customers, coordinate internal and external resources, and achieve sales;
3. conduct industry customer visits, maintain smooth communication channels with customers, keep abreast of customer requirements and determine sales plan.
4. reporting project plan, progress and completion in time.
5., according to the company's sales policy, make budget for various expenses and improve the effectiveness of resource utilization.

Tenure requirements

1. age 28-38 years old, bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years sales experience in manufacturing company, 2 years or more experience in sales team management.
2. have sharp market judgement, strain, public relations and operation ability. Adapt to frequent business trips and be able to work under pressure.
3. strong executive power, good communication and coordination skills and clear thinking.
4. strong sales planning ability and team management ability, be able to assist sales manager to manage daily work;
5. if there are resources in the power transmission and transformation industry or those who have sales experience in related industries, the above conditions can be relaxed and given priority.

Position:Market planning manager   Recruitment:2   Salary::6-25 million yuan
Job description

1.According to the company's marketing objectives and combined with the market situation, put forward effective marketing strategies.
2.To plan and implement specific marketing plan for key projects.
3.Understand the industry policy and development trend, and clearly understand the market situation of the company's products and competing products.

Tenure requirements

Age 28-40 years old, college degree or above, more than three years experience in product marketing and marketing planning.
Be highly sensitive to the market, have strong marketing project planning ability, be diligent in thinking and be good at finding solutions to problems.
Good communication and public relations skills and frequent travel.
1, applicants please send your resume to the company email box:
2, contact number: 024-62527700-800 contact: Ms. Liu.
3, address: No. 40, two street, Honghu economic and Technological Development Zone, Shenyang.