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Product quality assurance and service description

In order to implement the operation principle of quality first and customer first, we earnestly implement the "users' demand is our responsibility". Our company hereby promises as follows:

I. Product quality assurance

①Our company products guarantee to meet the international and domestic advanced standards.

②The product fully meets the requirements of the industry standard of transformer components (JB/ T6484-2015);

③Strictly enforce the stipulated technical conditions in the contract to meet the users’ requirements;

④To the products of supplying, including supporting outsourcing parts, purchased components and accessories, negative overall quality responsibility.

2. Product service guarantee

①The products of our company are in accordance with the national quality policy of mechanical and electrical products, and the three guarantees are carried out. From the date of delivery of the products, the product quality problems of our company shall be covered, replaced and refunded in three years.

②The product quality guarantee period is three years, the product life can reach 30 years (or with the main change the same life). During the warranty period, the product will be replaced unconditionally and free of charge.

③Product technical training can be conducted according to customers' requirements.

④Visit customers regularly and track the quality of products sold. During the period of major repair of the main transformer, the equipment and accessories shall be routinely inspected by our service staff.

⑤Received feedback from users on product quality issues and technical service requirements, and provided feedback within 8 hours. If on-site solution is required, service staff will be sent to the site within 24 hours.


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