About Us

Shenyang Tiangong Power Technology Co,.Ltd. is originally Shenyang bellows technology development center, is a high-tech enterprise with innovative strength.

In 1994, horizontal external oil corrugate conservator was a new transformer component of independent research and development that the first launched in the electric power industry. In July of the same year, the first metal corrugated conservator was put into the power grid for trial operation at home.
In 1995, metal corrugated conservator was approved by the scientific and technological commission of Liaoning province and the northeast electric bureau, and obtained the national patent.
In 1996, metal corrugated conservator was approved by the national power department, and was used in the national grid.
In 2003, was included in the industry standard of transformer components JB/ t6484-2003.
In 2005, the on-line monitoring system for transformer fault spectrum was successfully developed and operated in the power grid.
In 2007, Shenyang Tiangong science and technology industrial park was located in Shenyang economic and technological development zone and covered an area of about 50 thousand square meters was officially completed and put into production.
In 2010, intelligent air-cooled frequency conversion control system for transformer has been developed successfully, and operated in the state grid corporation's smart substation.
In 2014, vertical external oil metal corrugate conservator was the third generation metal corrugate conservator for transformer has been successfully developed and produced, was regarded as the reliable, omnipotent, and perfect ultimate product of the conservator!
“Shenyang Tiangong” has technical accumulation and innovation over 20 years, constantly developed new products and was widely used in power system, was highly praised by customers.