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  • 1000KV ultra high voltage power transformer engineering in western Inner Mongolia
  • The first 750KV demonstration project in northwest China
  • 500KV Baotou Gaoxin substation in Inner Mongolia
  • 750KV Pingliang substation in Gansu
  • 500KV Puan power plant in Guizhou
  • 500KV Weifang substation in Shandong
  • 500KV main transformer of the Kemen thermal power plant
  • 500KV Zhanhe substation in Pingdingshan
  • 330KV Yaojiazhai traction transformer of the Zhengzhou-Xian passenger line
  • 220KV Hami Beishan substation in Xinjiang
  • The 1# main transformer of the 220KV Yuncheng Salt Lake substation in Shanxi
  • 110KV Songshan substation in Alashan