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Transformer with metal corrugated conservator supporting enterprises:

  ABB (Zhongshan, Hefei, Chongqing) Transformer Co. Ltd.

    SIEMENS (Ji'nan, Wuhan, Guangzhou) Transformer Co. Ltd.

    ARRVA (Shanghai, Wuhan) Transformer Co. Ltd.

  Changzhou Toshiba Transformer Co. Ltd.    

 TBEA Shenyang Transformer Group Co. Ltd. TBEA Hengyang Transformer Co. Ltd. TBEA Xinjiang transformer factory

Xian XD Transformer Co. Ltd. Jinan XD Transformer Co. Ltd.

 Nantong Hyosung Transformer Co. Ltd.
   Baoding railway transformer Co. Ltd.

 Baoding Tianwei Group Baoding Tianwei Electric Co. Ltd. 

Baoding Tianwei Group Tebian Electric Co. Ltd.

Tianwei Baobian (Hefei) Transformer Co. Ltd.

Baoding Tianwei Group Baoling Transformer Co. Ltd.

 Shandong Power Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

State Grid Fujian Electric Power Co. Ltd.

Shandong Luneng Mount. Tai Electric Equipment Co. Ltd.

 Shandong taikai Transformer Co. Ltd.

  Jiangsu Wujiang transformer factory

Hangzhou Qiantang River Electric Group Co. Ltd.
 Shandong Dachi Electric Co. Ltd.
 Shandong Huachi Transformer Co. Ltd.

  Shanhai CHINT Electrical Co. Ltd.

 Qingdao Qingbo transformer Limited by Share Ltd,

 Nanjing Liye Power Transformer Co. Ltd.

 China Electric Equipment Co. Ltd.

 Zhejiang Power Transformer Co. Ltd.

 Jiangsu Huapeng Transformer Co. Ltd.

 Wolong Electric Yinchuan Transformer Co. Ltd.

 Jiangsu Huachen Transformer Co. Ltd.

 Shaanxi Hanzhoung Transformer Co., Ltd.

 China Energy Engineering Group Guangdong Electric Equipment Co. Ltd.

 Yunnan Transformer Electric Co. Ltd. ,

 Guangzhou High Voltage Transformer Co. Ltd.

 Fuzhou Tianyu Electric Co. Ltd.
   Gansu Hongyu Transformer Co. Ltd.     

 Tianhu Transformer Factory By Guilin Water Resoources and Electric Power Group

 Jiangxi Transformer Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

 Harbin Transformer Co. Ltd.

 Changchun sanding Transformer Co. Ltd.

  Dalian Xinda Transformer Co. Ltd.

  Changchun Longyuan Power Equipment Co. Ltd.

  Dandong Xintai Electric Co. Ltd.

 Liaoning Shenzhong Electric Co. Ltd.
  Shenyang Fulin Odkup Lesa Transformer Co. Ltd.
 Shenyang Huamei Transformer Co. Ltd.

The supporting enterprises of the intelligent air-cooled frequency conversion control system for transformer:

1. The first batch of smart grid transformation projects in the state grid.

The first intelligent substation in China—State Grid Corporation of China—Qingdao power supply company—220KV smart substation in Wushan

2. State Grid Corporation of China—Qingdao power supply company—Hushan substation

3. State Grid Corporation of China—Qingdao power supply company—Zhushan substation

4. Beijing electric power company intelligent substation renovation project

The supporting enterprises of the on-line monitoring system for the transformer fault spectrum:

1.State Grid Corporation of China—Qingdao power supply company—Hushan substation

2. State Grid Corporation of China—Qingdao power supply company—Jiaozhou substation

3. Dandong Taipingwan power plant

4. Benxi steel group substation