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The supporting enterprises of the metal corrugate conservator for transformer:

"Shenyang Tiangong" is the development and development manufacturer of the corrugate conservator. The product application covers all voltage levels of 35KV ~ 1000KV, and currently operates over 40,000 in the power grid. It is included in the industry standard and national power grid corporation "110 (66) KV ~ 500KV oil immersed transformer (reactor) management specification", and widely used in Shandong, Fujian, Jilin, Liaoning, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Henan, Hebei, Hunan, Hubei, Zhejiang, Anhui, Guangdong, Guangxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Hainan and other provinces and cities power grid, railway, steel, petrochemical industry, new energy, mining.

Application examples of key projects in power grid engineering:

110kv high voltage transmission test line in Shanxi Changzhi substation/ the country's first 750KV transmission and transformation demonstration project in northwest Guanting substation/ south electric group Tianguang three times, four times 500KV power grid project in Guangxi Nanning, Baise, Liuzhou, Hechi, Guangdong Huadu substation/ Shandong super high pressure company 500KV substation in Liaocheng, Weifang, Tengzhou, Yimeng / Northeast power grid company 500KV substation in Hotonsha, Qunlin, Xingfu / 500KV substation in Shanxi Taiyuan Houcun/ Chongqing super high pressure company 500KV substation/ Beijing super high pressure company 500KV substation in Fangshan Tangshan Pingancheng/ Shanxi electric power company 330KV substation in Hanzhong Taoqu, Qinghai power company 330KV substation in Huangyuan, Huayuan/ National grid company intelligent substation demonstration project Qingdao Wushan substation.

Application examples of key projects in power generation projects:

Domestic large pit power plant - Datang group Inner Mongolia Toketo power generation co., LTD. 500KV transformer matching

The main and backup transformersmatching of the three 2×1 million KWgenerator sets:

Huadian group Wuhu power plant in Anhui (main transformer 380,000 KVA/500KV)

Guodian group Suizhong power plant in Liaoning (main transformer 410,000 KVA/500KV)

CNNC Tianwan nuclear power plant in Jiangsu (main transformer 430,000 KVA/500KV)

The main and backup transformersmatching of approaching fifty2×600 thousand KWgenerator sets:

Huaneng group Yingkou, Heze power plant (main transformer 720,000 KVA/500KV)/ Rizhao power plant (main transformer 810,000 KVA/220KV)

Guodian group Zhuanghe power plant in Dalian (main transformer 720,000 KVA/500KV)/ Shuangyashan Minquan Electricity Generating CO.,Ltd.

Huadian group Kemen power plant in Fujian (main transformer 720,000 KVA/500KV)/ Tieling power plant in Liaoning (main transformer 720,000 KVA/500KV)

Datang group Yuncheng, Yangcheng, Shanxi Hancheng power plants in Shanxi

Zhongdian investment group Chenzhou carp river power plant

Fangchenggang power plant in Guangxi (main transformer 720,000 KVA/500KV), Wangqu power plant in Shanxi, Yiyang power plant in Hunan, Yuanbaoshan power plant in Inner Mongolia, Faer power plant in Guizhou, Ezhou Gedian electricity generating CO.,Ltd. in Hubei (main transformer 720,000 KVA/500KV), Xinchang power plant in Jiangxi, Huolin river crater power plant, Xisaishan power plant in Hubei (main transformer 82,000 KVA/220KV)  

The main transformersmatching of approaching one hundred thermalgenerator sets:

Huaneng group Yangliuqing power plant in Tianjin, Dalate, Wulashan power plant in Inner Mongolia, Xindian power plant in Shandong, Suzhou industrial park power plant in Jiangsu, Rizhao power plant in Shandong, Baishan coal gangue power plant in Jilin

Guodian group Jintang power plant in Chengdu, Huangjinbu, Penglai power plant in Jiangxi, Chanhanwusu Kaiduhe power plant in Xinjiang, Shengli power plant in Shandong

Guodian group Jiamusi power plant, Qingshan, Wuchang power plant in Hubei, Yibin power plant in Sichuan, thermal power plant in Haerbin, Tieling power plant in Liaoning, Zhenxiong power plant in Yunnan, Suzhou, Liuan power plant in Anhui  

Datang group Huaibei power plant in Anhui, Gaojing thermal power plant in Beijing, Huichun power plant in Jilin, Lueyang power plant in Shanxi, Yuncheng power plant in Shanxi, Linzhou power plant in Henan, Changchun the third thermal power plant in Jilin, Liaoyuan, Songyuan Changshan thermal power plant in Jilin

CLP group Wujing power plant in Shanghai, Liaoning power plant, Fuxin power plant, Baiyinhua power plant in Inner Mongolia, Pingwei power plant in Anhui

Sanhe power plant in Hebei, Zhungeer power plant in Xinjiang, Weihai power plant in Shandong, Liuzhou power plant in Guangxi, Mengxi, Tongliao power plant in Inner Mongolia, Faer power plant in Guizhou, Lianyungang Xinhai, Huaiyin power plant in Jiangsu, Desheng, Hengyun, Jiaosha power plant in Guangdong, Fugu Qingshuichuan power plant in Shanxi, Minjiang coal power plant in Sichuan, Xiaolongtan power plant in Yunnan

The main transformersmatching of approaching thirty thermalgenerator sets:

Wujiang hydropower development – Hongjiandu, Suofengying power station 

Hongheshui, Longtan hydropower station in Guangxi, Shuikou hydropower power plant in Fujian, Chitan hydropower station, Ansha hydropower station, Xiaoxi hydropower station in Hubei, Gongzui, Sangping hydropower station in Sichuan, Hohhot pumped storage power station, Julongtan hydropower station in Jiangxi, Ankang Shiquan hydropower station in Shanxi, Yellow river Zijiaxia hydropower station in Gansu, Tiecheng hydropower station

The main transformersmatching of the large enterprises:

Shanghai Baoshan iron and steel group, Anshan iron and steel group, Beijing Shougang group, Tianyuan iron and steel group, Benxi steel group, Maanshan iron and steel group, Nanjing iron and steel group, Baotou steel group, Shandong Weiqiao aluminum group, Liaohe oilfield, Shengli oilfield, Ordos coal mine, Anyang iron and steel company

Applicationexamples ofthenuclear power and new energy projects:

Tianwan nuclear power plant in Jiangsu, Pengze nuclear power plant in Jiangxi, Fangchenggang nuclear power plant in Guangxi, Wuwei photovoltaic power plant in Gansu, Hefei rainbow photovoltaic substation in Anhui, the second wind farm in Hami, Guohua Dongtai three-stage wind power, Wuchuan wind farm, Sanjiangkou wind farm, Gubayin 5# wind farm, Mayitasi wind farm, Xingan wind farm, Jiulongpo wind farm in Dali, Hubei wind farm, Changle wind farm, Wudengshan wind farm, Qiangan wind farm, Chagan hada wind farm in Inner Mongolia, Taiyangshan wind farm in Ningxia

Applicationexamples ofthe railway key projects:

Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway project, Harbin-Dalian high-speed railway project, Beijing-Shenyang high-speed railway project, Shenyang-Dandong high-speed railway project, Lanzhou-Xinjiang high-speed railway project, Baotou-Xian high-speed railway project, Hangzhou-Changsha high-speed railway project, Nanjing-Guangzhou high-speed railway project, Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed railway project, Beijing-Guangzhou passenger dedicated line project, Beijing-Kowlooon passenger dedicated line project, Tianjin-Baoding passenger dedicated line project, Harbin-Dalian passenger dedicated line project, Zhengzhou-Xian passenger dedicated line project, Zhengzhou-Xuzhou passenger dedicated line project, Shijiazhuang-Wuhan passenger dedicated line project, Tianjin-Qinhuangdao passenger dedicated line project, Xining-Chengdu passenger dedicated line project, Wuhan-Jiujiang passenger dedicated line project