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The “Shenyang Tiangong” culture.

Shenyang Tiangong Power Technology Co., Ltd. is from the ancient Chinese classics:"Heavenly Creations". It means to promote Chinese civilization, to achieve China's creation.

Enterprise spirit: Be honesty to others, craftsmanship must be exquisite, thinking put in the first place, be trustful supplier.

Enterprise purpose: Create the advanced technology of the Chinese nation, promote the development of world power technology

Management ideas: Quality wins the market, unity creates the strength, integrity casts the brand, innovation weaves the future.

Enterprise values:Everyone develops, social benefits.

Enterprise behavior target:

Trust: customer trust, trust Tiangong, trust Tiangong’s staffs.
Creat: Create value for the society, create value for the customers, create value for the staffs, create value for the company.
Achieve: Achieve customers, achieve staffs, achieve company.
Innovate: Innovate products, innovate technology, innovate management.
Be responsible for: Be responsible for customers, be responsible for staffs, be responsible for company.