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The characteristic of vertical external oil metal corrugate conservator for transformer

Wide range for applicable type—The common compensation volume range of the conservator is from 100~15000kg, which is suitable for various types ofoil-immersed  transformers and other power equipments with total oil weight of transformer not more than 160t.

Perfect structure—The vertical structure is adopted, and the bellows is stretched up and down, without additional stress, and no guiding device. The bellows is used as air bag, more reliable and safer.

High compensation abilityThe conservator adopts single core, has compact structure, small invalid space and large compensation capacity.

Long service life—The compensation component is stainless steel, without aging, the product life can reach 30 years, and has the same lifetime with transformer.

Maintenance-free—The products adopt the non-condensing structure design, the stainless steel bellows is completely immersed in the insulating oil as the breathing chamber, the inner surface is the heat dissipation surface, no condensation, no need to adopt the hygroscopic device, so the product realizes maintenance-free.

Strong pressure resistanceThe negative pressure capacity of the bellows is -0.1Mpa, which fully meets the requirement of full vacuum filling. The positive pressure capacity of the bellows is 50KPa, which meets the requirements of transformer tank test.

Super flexible—The bellows adopts supper flexible design, and the maximum opposite force of the bellows is less than 0.006MPa, which does not affect the normal setting of the transformer protection device.

Leakage protection—As the air bag, the bellows has the secondary protective effect on the leakage of the insulating oil, which has little risk and has no direct effect on the operation of the transformer.

Oil level gauge—The external magnetic couplingretroflex oil level gauge is used to completely isolate the oil storage cavity, which is convenient for inspection and replacement. It is safe, reliable and accurate.

Oil levelremote transmission—It is easy to realize the remote transmission of oil level signal, and can be configured with multi-function oil level signal remote device according to the user's requirement, which can realize remote computer monitoring.

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