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Shenyang Tiangong electric power technology limited company enterprise culture

Shenyang Tiangong Electric Power Technology Co. Ltd. "In the" Day "From the ancient exquisite techniques of meta China masterpiece" Heavenly Creations "meaning, promote Chinese civilization, realize China manufacturing.

The spirit of enterprise As for the technology to fine, sincere, to think of the first, to the letter to.

Enterprise purpose Advanced technology: the creation of the Chinese nation, promoting the development of world power technology.

management idea Quality win the market, to create unity strength, integrity cast brand, innovation for future.

Enterprise values Everyone: development, social benefit.

Corporate behavior target :

Trust, customer trust, trust day, day workers trust.

Create and create value for the society, creating value for customers, create value for employees, create value for the enterprise.

Achievement - clients, staff achievements, the achievements of the company.

The innovation of product innovation, technology innovation, management innovation.

Responsible for the customer is responsible for the staff responsible, responsible for the enterprise.

Shenyang Tiangong Electric Power Technology Co. Ltd.

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