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The transformer of metal corrugated oil conservator

Oil vertical metal corrugated oil conservator is Shenyang Tiangong Electric Power Technology Co. Ltd. the new generation of full sealed type storage cabinet, is a versatile product superior to the ideal structure and performance, has good sealing performance, long service life, maintenance free, easy installation.

1. oil vertical corrugated conservator type selection

The transformer provides total oil, transformer using the minimum and maximum ambient temperature;

Related to the size of reference to illustration is connected with the transformer, clear special requirements, such as switch cabinet, vacuum oiling, oil level transmission, oil level gauge rain cover etc.;

The selected storage cabinet by the manufacturer with the model, and ultimately determine the product structure size;

2. selection methods

According to the total weight of transformer oil, view the product series parameters of the last column, to meet the requirements of many types to choose the best space transformer oil conservator size (length and width);

According to the total weight of transformer oil and the maximum temperature difference to calculate the minimum rated compensation amount required storage cabinet;

And then will meet the design requirements of the minimum rated compensation amount at the storage cabinet marked in the delta model, complete models to determine;

For example: 240MVA/220KV transformer oil, the total weight of 50t, requirements of oil conservator compensation amount is greater than or equal to 4500dm Three ;

Select the look-up table storage cabinet type: BP Three L1260 * 4900-4500, the manufacturer of computing, storage cabinet height is 1370mm.