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The product selection of the internal oil leakage protection type metal corrugate conservator

The internal oil leakage protection type metal corrugate conservator is the second generation fully sealed conservator of our company, which is the replacement product of capsule type and diaphragm type conservators, has the characteristic of good sealing, long service life, maintenance free, convenient installation, is suitable for all kinds of the power equipments such as oil-immersed transformers, capacitors and reactors.

1.Model selection

①Provide transformer total oil weight, min and max environment temperature for transformer use area.

②Refer to the following figure to give the relative size of transformer connection, specify special requirements, such as switch cabinet, vacuum oil filling, oil level remote transmission, oil level gauge rain cover, etc.

③The manufacturer shall cooperate to select the model of conservator, and finally determine the product structure size.

2.Selection methods

①According to the total oil weight of the transformer, check the last column of the table, and select the optimal conservator size (width and length) suitable for transformer space in the model that meets the requirements of many types.

②Calculate the minimum rated compensation of the conservator according to the total oil weight and maximum temperature difference of the transformer.

③Then, the minimum rated compensation for the design requirements is indicated in the conservator model V, which is the confirmation of the model.

Example: 50MVA/110KV transformer, the total oil weight is 20t, and the compensation amount of conservator is more than 1800dm3.

The model of the conservator is: BP3N980x3500-1800, which is calculated by the manufacturer and the height of the conservator is 1080mm.

3.Product series parameter list

Note: This table is a regular series. The conservator of outside the table scope can be designed according to customers' requirements. Please contact our technical department.