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Frequently asked questions of customers

1. How does the oil level alarm work?

The oil level alarm is equipped with the highest oil level alarm terminal and the minimum oil level alarm terminal, when oil storage oil level reaches the highest or lowest inside ark, alarm terminal will touch the common terminal, alarm signal.

2. Oil storage tank modification process, required equipment?

Equipment: crane, electric welding, gas cutting, oil injection equipment, air pump (or vacuum pump) and common tools.

3. Product cycle time required.

The regular production cycle of the product is 15 days.

4. How big oil storage tank should be used for a transformer (example: 12000/220)?

The oil storage tank model is determined according to the total oil weight of the transformer. First, we should check the total oil weight of the transformer, and then select the product model corresponding to the oil weight in the oil storage tank series parameter table.

5. Does the product affect the normal operation of pressure relief valve and gas relay?

Through the actual measure oil storage tank of corrugated pipe, corrugated pipe in the limit when the oil level, the maximum elastic back pressure can be limited to below 0.006 MPa, the magnitude compared with the action of pressure relief valve pressure is rather small, so the bellows type oil storage tank doesn't make the pressure release valve, gas relay misoperation. The product will not affect the normal operation of pressure relief valve and gas relay.

6. Why is the product sealed and maintained?

Because the corrugated pipe oil storage tank is advanced super flexible stainless steel bellows as compensation volume element and isolation of the sealing element, the element has high strength, long service life, good reliability, product structure to achieve the all-welded closed type structure. At the same time, the inner surface of the corrugated pipe is not a heat-absorbing surface, it does not have the condensation condition, so it does not produce condensation, and it does not use the hygroscopic device to realize the maintenance of the real meaning.

7. Why should the bellows be fixed during transportation, otherwise?

In order to prevent the metal corrugated pipe in the oil storage tank of corrugated pipe vibration turbulence is damaged in the transport, so, want to suck bellows before shipping (or pressure) is fixed, fixed the bellows after vibration inside ark. If the bellows are not fixed before transportation, the bellows will be damaged freely in the cabinet, so the bellows storage tank must be fixed before transportation.

8. What material is the bellows? What kind of welding method is adopted? Does the long immersion in insulating oil affect the quality of insulating oil due to penetration?

The corrugated pipe material is 0Cr19Ni9 (SUS304); Tungsten electrode argon arc welding; Long-term immersion in insulating oil does not affect the quality of insulating oil due to penetration.