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Transportation, installation, oil injection and use notes of the vertical external oil corrugate conservator

1. Transportation and storage of the conservator

①Special attention: In order to prevent the bumping of bellows in the conservator, it is necessary to vacuum the bellows in the conservator before transportation.

②Fixing means: Open the breath vent, close the oil injection vent, and vacuum from the exhaust vent. When the oil level indicator drops and displays all white, and the pressure reaches -0.04 ~ -0.05MPa, stop vacuuming and close the vent.

Note:Theconservator not shall be transported when it is not in the suction state.It is not allowed to be installed when it is delivered to the site but not in the suction state.

③The cylinder body of the conservator should be prevented from being impacted and extruded during transportation and handling, so as to avoid deformation and influence the work of the inner bellows. Take care to prevent colliding cylinder and oil window. It is strictly forbidden to carry the conservator or the bellows without absorbing and fixing transportation.

④When storing the conservator, the moisture and rainwater should be prevented from entering conservator, the exhaust vent and oil injection vent should be sealed, keep the breath vent open.

2. Installation and oil injection

①Release pressure: Open the breath vent, exhaust vent and oil injection vent, release the internal pressure of the conservator, and when opening the vent, it should be inhaled strongly.

②Installation:The conservator is installed in the position, connected with the transformer pipeline, and fix conservator. Connect the oil injection pipe and exhaust pipe to the lower part of the transformer and connect the valve with reliable seal. Connect the control circuit of oil level alarm device. After installation, prepare oil injection.

③Inject insulating oil: Open the valve of the breath vent and exhaust vent, and fill the conservator with oil from the transformer body or the oil injection vent;

④Exhaust: The oil level indicator is continuously raised after oil injection, and when the indicator is close to the value corresponding to the oil temperature (one calibration in advance), close the breath vent (with the plug). Continue to inject until the air in the conservator is discharged from the exhaust vent and the oil is stable outflow, then close the exhaust vent and stop the oil injection.

⑤Adjust the oil level: Open the breath vent to check whether the oil level is corresponding to the oil temperature curve. If the oil level is high, the oil should be properly discharged from the oil injection vent. If it is low, the oil can be replenished properly. The operation does not need to open the exhaust vent, but need to open the breath vent and keep opening.

※Note: The working stateof the conservator is the breath vent is normally open, and the exhaustvent and oil injectionvent are sealed reliably.

※Vacuumoiling ofconservator (therequirements should be mentioned whenordering)

If the conservator needsvacuum oiling togetherwith transformer body, the exhaust vent must be connected to the vacuum system through "the transition jar",and the breath vent must keep opening when vacuuming,and meet the specification requirements of the pressure value (minimum 13Pa). Open the oil valves, insulating oil under vacuum statewill passinto thetransformer tank andconservator. When insulating oil isdischarged from exhaustvent into the transition jar,thenquickly shut down and sealexhaustvent, and continue toinjectoil through the oilinjection vent tomeetoil temperature corresponding to the oil level.