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Horizontal external oil
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Horizontal external oil metal corrugate conservator adopts advanced super flexible stainless steel bellows that is the volume compensation element and the isolation seal element. The volume compensation for transformer insulation oil is realized under the condition of completely isolated from air and moisture. The stainless steel bellows is an air sac that communicates with the atmosphere, and placed in insulating oil. The lower part of the conservator is connected to the transformer body through the connecting pipe. The inner cavity of the bellows communicates with the outside air through the breath vent. When the insulation oil expands or contracts with the change of temperature, the bellows produces stretch and contraction, thus changing the volume of the oil cavity in the conservator to realize the volume change compensate of the insulating oil. 


Wide range for applicable type—The common compensation volume range of the conservator is from 0.1~12m3(the oil weight about 90~10740kg in 20℃), which is suitable for various types ofoil-immersed transformers and other power equipments with total oil weight of transformer not more than 120t, the voltage is below 1000KV and the capacity is below 1000MVA.

Fully sealed structure—The shape is a regular circular horizontal structure with good sealing, compact structure and convenient installation. It can meet the requirements of various oil-immersed transformers.

Long service life—The compensation component is stainless steel, without aging, the product life can reach 30 years, and has the same lifetime with transformer.

Maintenance-free—The products adopt the non-condensing structure design, the stainless steel bellows is completely immersed in the insulating oil as the breathing chamber, the inner surface is the heat dissipation surface, no condensation, no need to adopt the hygroscopic device, so the product realizes maintenance-free.

High compensation ability—The conservator has compact structure, small invalid space and large compensation capacity.

Strong pressure resistance—The pressure capacity of the bellows is ±0.1Mpa, which fully meets the requirement of full vacuum filling.

Super flexible—The bellows adopts supper flexible design, and the maximum opposite force of the bellows is less than 0.005MPa, which does not affect the normal setting of the transformer protection device.

Leakage protection—As the air bag, the bellows has the secondary protective effect on the leakage of the insulating oil.

Oil level remote transmission—It is easy to realize the remote transmission of oil level signal, and can be configured with multi-function oil level signal remote device according to the user's requirement, which can realize remote computer monitoring.

⑩ New type oil level gauge—The new window type oil level gauge does not need to be installed and adjusted on the scene, and the belt type structure is more intuitive, accurate and reliable (no fake oil level).


1.Model selection

Note: When designing the height of the conservator, ensure that the bottom of the conservator is higher than the exhaust vent of the bushing ascending flange, so as to ensure the gas exhausting better.

①Provide transformer total oil weight, min and max environment temperature for transformer use area.

②Refer to the following figure to give the relative size of transformer connection, specify special requirements, such as switch cabinet, vacuum oil filling, oil level remote transmission, oil level gauge rain cover, etc.

③The manufacturer shall cooperate to select the model of conservator, and finally determine the product structure size.

2. Preparation before installation

Note: This table is a regular series. The conservator of outside the table scope can be designed according to customers' requirements. Please contact our technical department.


1.Preparation before installation

①Remove the yellow guard.

②Release the pressure

③Expand bellows (very necessary)

2.Conservator installation

①The conservator is installed in the position, connected with the transformer pipeline, and fix conservator.

②Connect the oil injection pipe and exhaust pipe to the lower part of the transformer and connect the valve with reliable seal.

③Connect the control circuit of oil level alarm device.

④After installation, prepare oil injection.


3.Oil injection procedure

Inject insulating oil: Open the valve of the breath vent and exhaust vent, and fill the conservator with oil from the transformer body or the oil injection vent;

Set the oil level:The oil level indicator is continuously raised after oil injection, and when the indicator is close to the value corresponding to the oil temperature, close the breath vent. Continue to inject until the air in the conservator is discharged from the exhaust vent and the oil is stable outflow, then close the exhaust vent and stop the oil injection.

Exhaust: Stand for 1~2h after the first oil injection, then exhaust the gas again from the conservator (keep the breath vent closed).

Adjust the oil level:Open the breath vent to check whether the oil level is corresponding to the oil temperature curve. If the oil level is high, the oil should be properly discharged from the oil injection vent. If it is low, the oil can be replenished properly.

※When the oilinjection is finished, the working stateof the conservator is the breath vent is normally open, and the exhaustvent and oil injectionvent are sealed reliably.