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Corrugate conservator for the enclosed busbar
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Corrugate conservator for theenclosed busbar uses high quality stainless steel material, adopts advanced technology for welding, shaping and overall shape processing. The product consists of two parts, as shown in figure 1. The upper part is ultra-flexible bellows, and the telescopic rigidity is less than 600N. The lower part is transition hard (even pipe) structure. The bellows and busbar are connected by fast fastening card. The fastening card will only need to be removed when theenclosed busbar is regularly maintained. The bellows is returned to the busbar until the busbar leaks out the terminal, it is easy and reliable to disassemble and install.


Figure 1


1. The bellows adopts optimum design, the single-wave exhibition height is 25mm, and the extension tension is less than 600N. After installation, the radial load can withstand 8 levels wind or human force and light load impact, can ensure normal work and does not affect the insulation distance.

2. The bellows and the pipe are connected by an insulation bush to ensure insulation between the upper and lower busbars.

3. It is simple and convenient installation and disassembly.

4. Reliable sealing, long service life, same service life as transformer.

5. The weight is light, the bellows is about 36kg, and the pipe is about 35kg.


1. The product structure size is determined by the customer according to the flange spacing and flange specification.

2. The product can be designed according to customer's requirement.



1. The closed busbar is regular maintained, corrugate connector is removed and installed.

①Disassembly process: First, remove the fastening card and set aside two pieces in the symmetrical direction, all the rest are removed. Then the both of them stand opposite on the side of the bellows flanges and remove the remaining two fastening cards, let the bellows fall slowly, expose the connecting part of the busbar terminal and maintain it.

②Installation process: First, the bellows is slowly and uniformly upwards uplifted, so that the guide part of the bellows is inserted into the inner the busbar wall and flange is correct. Then install one fastening card in the symmetrical direction and tighten it, install the remaining fastening cards and lock them, and installation is finished.

Note:The order can be designedand producedaccording to the special requirements of users.

2. Storage and transportation

①Do not have harmful gas, dust, chemicals, such as acid and alkali and so on near the products.

②Keep away from fire and do fire safety work.

③It isbest stored in the dry and ventilated warehouse, do good dustproof, moisture-proof treatment, the warehouse temperature is less than 35℃, relative humidity is less than 80%.

④If the condition is limited, it can be stored outdoors. Outdoor storage must be well protected from rain, water, dust and moisture. The product cabinet foot can be padded height 100mm through the wooden. Cover the upper part.

⑤Transportation requirement

a. In case of a second long-distance transportation, the bellows should be compressed by using bubble wrap or other packing materials to avoid damage to the bellows caused by the vibration of long-term transportation.

b. Pack and fix the product, place soft buffer around it to prevent damage caused by collision.