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Corrugate respirator for the locomotive traction transformer
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Corrugate respirator for the locomotive traction transformer adopts advanced super flexible stainless steel bellows that is the volume compensation element and the isolation seal element. The volume compensation for transformer insulation oil is realized under the condition of completely isolated from air and moisture. The stainless steel bellows is an air sac that communicates with the atmosphere, and placed in insulating oil of the traction transformer tank. The inner cavity of the bellows communicates with the outside air through the breath vent. When the insulation oil expands or contracts with the change of temperature, the bellows produces stretch and contraction, thus changing the volume of the oil cavity in the conservator to realize the volume change compensate of the insulating oil.

The corrugate respirator is designed according to compensation volume more than 73L (weigh of oil is about 65.3kg at 20℃), is suitable for the motor vehicle group TBQ34-3855/25-type and ATM9-type traction transformer. It can realize domestic matching and meet the requirements of high-speed railway construction.


1. High ReliabilityThe bellows is made by the overall direct suppression method, the amount of weld is reduced by 85%. There are no welds in the crest and trough,   increase the fatigue life of bellows, reduce the welding leakage risk, improve the products reliability.

2. Super flexibleThe bellows adopts the advanced supper flexible design, the overall flexibility of the bellows fully meets the requirements of using, and the compensation ability is higher than the original laminated weld-type bellows.

3. Strong resistance to fatigue—The wave crest and trough are formed by the plastic forming of the mother material, not the weld. Therefore, there is no welding residual stress, the fatigue resistance is improved significantly, and the safety is better.

4. Strong pressure resistance—The pressure capacity of the bellows is ±0.1Mpa, which fully meets the requirement of the full vacuum filling and transformer tank test.

5. No condensation design—The product structure design adopts anti-condensation patented technology, no condensation, can cancel the hygroscopic device, the products can realize the maintenance -free.

6. Main Performance Parameters

Technical parameters

·Pressure resistance:±0.1MPa       ·MaterialSUS304

·The average rigidity:5.2N/mm      ·Thickness of the material0.3mm

·Compensation volume:≥73L        ·Reference weight:60Kg±3%

·Bellows elongation:128mm

②Using conditions

·Working Temperature-25℃+140℃

·Relative humidity(The average minimum temperature of the month is 25℃):≤95%

·Environment mediumThe inside of the bellows is air, the outside of the bellows is insulating oil.

·The environment includes wind, sand, rain, snow weather, occasionally salt mist, acid rain, dust storm phenomena.

·Max operating speed380km/h

·The altitude of the train running≤1500m

Note: The products can be designed according to customers ' requirements.


1. Products application field

The main type of the locomotive traction transformer is ATM-9 type, TBQ34-3855/25A type, the respirator is suitable for the above two traction transformers.

2. Products structure size

The structure size of the metal corrugate respirator for the locomotive traction transformer is shown in the figure.


②For special structure and size requirements, we can design and produce according to the use s ' requirements, please contact the design department of our company.



1. product application

EMU traction transformer type main transformer: ATM9 type, TBQ34-3855/25A type traction, the respirator is suitable for corrugated above two traction transformer.

2. product structure size

The EMU traction transformer with corrugated metal apparatus structure size as shown in fig..


As for the special structure and size requirements can be designed according to user requirements, please communicate with the design department of the company.


①Open the bellows seal flap to remove the vacuum.

②The respirator is installed in the position to avoid bumping the bellows, assemble and weld the outer shell of the tank according to the assembly requirements to ensure that the corrugate side wall is evenly spaced with the oil tank, and ensure the gas tightness of the weld.

③Connect the breath vent and fix it to ensure that the corrugate respirator is normally open.

④From the upper exhaust vent of the oil tank to the transformer overall vacuum, the vacuum value and the vacuum maintenance time meet the relevant technical requirements.

⑤Open the transformer oil tank filling valve and maintain the vacuum state to inject transformer oil. When insulating oil is discharged from exhaust vent into the transition jar, then quickly shut down and seal exhaust vent, and stop vacuuming.

⑥Observe the oil level indication, slowly fill the oil, reach the oil level corresponding to the oil temperature, stop the oil filling and seal the oil injection vent.

The working state of the corrugate respirator is the breath vent is normally open.