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Intelligent air-cooled frequency conversion control system for transformer
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TG-BFK type intelligent air-cooled frequency conversion control system for transformer is the new generation transformer cooling control system that is developed to reduce the power consumption, running noise and realizing intelligent as the design target. As the main energy-consuming equipment, the working condition of the draught fan be changed from the unbalanced power frequency mode to the balanced adjustment speed frequency conversion mode, according to transformer oil temperature and load change. It also strengthens the operation state output, fault diagnosis and alarm display, is the superior product of substation construction, and has been widely used in the intelligent transformation of substation.

TG-BFK type intelligent air-cooled frequency conversion control system for transformer adopts advanced intelligent control module and a frequency conversion module, collects oil temperature and load running parameters in real time, to determine the optimization control plan of the cooling system, reasonably arrange the fan starting condition, running speed, number of operation group, rotation frequency, etc, to achieve the goals that is energy saving, noise reduction and improving insulation life and equipment life. The operation status and fault information are transmitted through the IED module, and the control is accepted and the intelligent requirements are realized.


1. Energy saving and consumption reduction, environmental noise reduction, effectively improving the transformer performance index.

According to the operation parameters (oil temperature, load, winding temperature, environment temperature, etc.), the optimal operation mode is selected to realize intelligent control, which can significantly reduce the average energy consumption and average noise index of the fan.

2. Improve insulation life and equipment life.

Cooling control adopts optimization design to realize energy conservation and noise reduction priority in low load, temperature control cooling priority in high load, decreases the oil temperature fluctuation, high efficiency cooling, can effectively improve the insulation material life and the fan operation life. The frequency conversion system allows the fan to slow down at low load and prolong life. The high load quickly increases the air volume, and even the over-frequency work controls the temperature rise, which can improve the transformer load capacity under certain conditions.

3. Meet the requirements of smart substation and realize intelligent communication and intelligent control.

Intelligent components (IED) that assorts the TG-BFK control cabinet can upload a large amount of operation information to share, and accept control instructions, which fully comply with IEC61850 standard and the requirements of the "intelligent substation technical guidance".

4. The two operation modes are more reliable and safer, automatic detection and automatic switching.

The mode of operation is automatic and manual. PLC automatic mode integrated multiple parameters to achieve the best operating mode selection, including choosing the parameters that are fan working group, working frequency and rotating frequency, automatically satisfy the operating requirements of all kinds of load conditions. However, in the case of emergency communication failure or PLC power failure, the system will automatically switch to manual control mode (traditional control mode) and continue to operate safely according to preset procedures.

5. Complete fault detection and protection monitoring system.

There are more comprehensive fault detection and clearer failure display, it is convenient to operate supervision and overhaul, and to ensure that the cooling system of oil flow relay protection, over-current protection, open phase protection, power protection and control system is effective and reliable fault protection.

6. More detailed and complete.

Choose the most reliable international brand inverter, PLC and all kinds of electrical components, adopts full stainless steel outdoor temperature control cabinet, combines with the optimization design of cooling control plan and the fan operation rotation plan make the system more reliable and more advanced.

7. Main Performance Parameters




Max Temperature



Min Temperature



Relative Humidity


Anti-electromagnetic Interference

Comply with GB/T14598 standard

Pollution Grade

Working Voltage

Main circuit: AC380V, auxiliary circuit: DC220V, frequency: 50 Hz.

Protection Grade


Note: The order can be designed and produced according to the special requirements of users.



It is suitable for various types of the 35KV~1000KV oil-immersed transformers.

②The cooling method can be used for the cooling type of the strong oil circulation fan, the cooling type of fan, and the cooling type of the strong oil circulating water. 

③The order parameter

■Transformer cooling mode□Strong oil air cooling  □Natural wind cooling (fan)

■Number of cooling groups: □4 5 7 8 12 Others        

■Number of motors for each set of cooler □1  2  3  4

■Fan motor rated current         A

■Pump motor rated current       A

■Electrical Supply1 Circuit  □2 Circuit

Control Supply:□DC220V   AC220V  No


1.Model selection


2.The order parameter

■Transformer cooling mode:□Strong oil air cooling  □Natural wind cooling (fan)

■Number of cooling groups: □4□5□7□8□12□Others        

■Number of motors for each set of cooler: □1  □2  □3  □4

■Fan motor rated current:         A

■Pump motor rated current:       A

■Electrical Supply:□1Circuit  □2Circuit

■Control Supply:□DC220V   □AC220V  □No


Please fill in the following information forthe renovation project:

●Original air cooling control cabinet floor mounting dimensions

Bolt specification:______ Foot mounting hole spacing: Length x width =______

●Do you have the distribution box?

□Yes  □No

The distribution box mount method

□Right or left mounting  □Rear panel mounting  □Top hole mounting

Mounting holes specification and holes spacing of the distribution box

Holes size: Aperture (mm) length x width =______

3. Specification parameter

①It is suitable for various types of the 35KV~1000KV oil-immersed transformers.

②The cooling method can be used for the cooling type of the strong oil circulation fan, the cooling type of fan, and the cooling type of the strong oil circulating water. 


Note: The actual size can be adjusted according to customers' requirements.