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On-line monitoring system for the transformer fault spectrum
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On-line monitoring system for the transformer fault spectrum is the precision testing equipment which includes measurement, control and analysis technology. It adopts advanced photoelectric sensing technology, which is not subject to electromagnetic interference, has accurate and reliable detection signal, and the response speed is millisecond, is characterized by high sensitivity, fast response speed, high reliability, wide application range, etc. It has the breakthrough innovation in transformer fault monitoring, which is the innovation result of Chinese enterprises based on the international advanced technology. The system has been awarded the national invention patent and has passed the provincial identification, and was awarded the national science and technology innovation fund in 2006. The wide application of the system will have a positive and far-reaching impact on improving the safety level of the power grid, reducing the maintenance cost and preventing the occurrence of the major accidents.

On-line monitoring system for the transformer fault spectrum is a new on-line monitoring method. It could detect transformer internal fault by sensors when the light signal (infrared, visible, ultraviolet) occurs. To realize data conversion through photoelectric conversion, amplification, maintain and d/a conversion, and through the communication interface with the computer connection, the functions of the historical data reviewing, processing and analysis is realized. According to characteristics of the transformer faults spectrum, the fault type and fault degree are distinguished, and the fault occurrence area is determined according to the intensity of multi-point receiving signal. The system is widely applicable to the real-time on-line monitoring of the internal discharge faults and overheating faults for transformer.


1.Fast speed—The fault response speed is millisecond, it is genuine the real time online monitoring.

2.High reliability—Detection signals and systems (including sensors) are completely undisturbed by strong electromagnetic fields and harmonic signals, and the detection signals are reliable and reliable.

3.High precision—It can accurately detect all kinds of non-trace discharge and can effectively monitor the internal discharge and overheating faults for conservator.

4.Multifunction—The detection system is powerful and can realize the functions of the fault analysis, type diagnosis, fault location, real-time tracking.

5.Maintenance-free—As an online monitoring system, there is no mechanical running equipment, no operating maintenance, and can stable run in a long time.

6.Wide range of application—It is applicable to all kinds of large and medium sized transformer that the voltage level is 35KV~750KV, the capacity is 10MVA.

7.High Performance insulating material—The probe adopts imported high performance insulation material, and the insulation performance meets the requirements of 1000KV transformer.

8. Main performance parameters

①Sensor spectrum range: 0.28~0.82um, including near-infrared, visible and near-ultraviolet band;

②The minimum discharge current can be monitored at 10μA, and the minimum discharge energy is 10mW.

③Can monitor the overheating fault that temperature is higher than 300℃and the heating power is greater than 50W;

④The response speed of the discharge fault is less than 1ms;

⑤System working environment: Outdoor work, the principal machine is attached to the transformer. The standard is the same as the transformer. General: the temperature is-40~60℃, monthly average humidity is less than 90%, the altitude is less than 2000m.

⑥The probe is a high performance insulation material, and0000000000000  the insulation performance meets 1000KV transformer insulation requirements.

⑦System input: 220V/50Hz, 500W;

⑧System output: The main engine on site will transmit the monitoring data to the control room by RS485 communication, and display the internal operation state of the transformer in the control room and local area in real time.

⑨Overall dimension of the principal machine: 740×80×280 (height×wide×depth), all stainless steel three - proof box body.

Protection grade: IP55;


1.Model selection

2.Specification and dimension

Note: The actual size can be adjusted according to customers' requirements.



①Sensor installation: There are four detection units in the on-line monitoring system for the transformer fault spectrum. The sensor is installed in the four corners that is in outer wall of the transformer oil tank and the height is in the middle position.

②The principal machine installation on site: The principal machine on site includes four independent signals acquisition system, it adopts PLC control, can provide the working state signal, alarm signal, and work instructions, and have far transmission function. The size of the field data integrated cabinet is (width × height × depth): 580×740×280, which is wall-mounted, and it is mounted upper the tank on transformer. The position height is not more than 2m, and the low pressure side or backlight side is usually selected. Installation method: Use four M12 bolts to install the data integration cabinet on the transformer tank.